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What Is The Lucky Iron Fish?

The Lucky Iron Fish® is a simple, reusable and effective cooking tool that adds extra iron to your daily foods or drinks.
Made from food-grade electrolytic iron powder that is FDA certified and approved for food fortification worldwide, the Lucky Iron Fish is a gentle source of iron.* It is an affordable solution, especially for those with iron deficiency anemia.

*The Lucky Iron Fish is safe for the whole family.  Exceptions include:
- Babies under 7 months
-Individuals with hemoglobin variants such as Hemochromatosis

Please consult your healthcare provider if you are changing any supplementation regime. 

How Do I Use The Lucky Iron Fish?

Lucky Iron Fish is designed to simply be dropped in boiling liquid for 10 minutes to release a significant portion of your daily recommended iron. Start fortifying your soups, stews, or even water with extra iron.
It's as easy as 1-2-3-4.

How to use Lucky Iron Fish (or Leaf)

Get majority of your daily required intake with a single use of the Lucky Iron Fish/Leaf.

Most adults need 8-18mg of iron per day. The Lucky Iron Fish/Leaf releases 6-8mg of absorbable iron per use.


“This Fish is off the Hook”

-Oprah Magazine

“This Fish is off the Hook”

-Oprah Magazine

Reusable for 5 years with daily use

Reusable & Affordable

Easy to digest

Easy on the stomach 

Lucky Iron Fish Impact

Impact- Driven

Backed By Research

Over 15 trials show that the Lucky Iron Fish is a simple yet effective solution for iron deficiency and for iron deficiency anemia.

These studies have been carried out in different parts of the world by both the company and by independent third-party researchers.

And It's Affordable Too!

For a fraction of the cost of monthly iron pills, Lucky Iron Fish provides a whole family with sufficient iron for 5 years.


✔ Prevent & Fight Iron Deficiency

✔️ Boost your Immune System

✔️ Natural, Sustainable, Effective

Iron Deficiency Affects Billions Worldwide

We are on a mission on make it a thing of the past.

Making our innovation accessible to marginalized or disadvantaged communities is an important value to Lucky Iron Fish.


Add Iron To Multiple Dishes At Once

Save more with a 3-Pack

3-Pack Lucky Iron Fish

3-Pack Lucky Iron Fish

$120.00 USD
$110.00 USD
3-Pack Lucky Iron Leaf

3-Pack Lucky Iron Leaf

$120.00 USD
$110.00 USD

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