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Lucky Iron Fish and Lucky Iron Leaf are long-lasting and easy-to-use cooking tools that add extra iron to your dish. They are clinically proven to improve iron levels and can be used for 5+ years.

14K Gold Lucky Fish Bracelet by Hestia Jewels

14K Gold Lucky Fish Bracelet by Hestia Jewels

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Hestia Jewels has partnered with Lucky Iron Fish to create impactful jewelry that is designed and handmade in Toronto, Canada.

For every Bracelet purchased, we use a portion of the proceeds to distribute units for free to communities in need through our Impact Fund. 

This makes a great gift with an impact!

- 8.5" inch silk cord bracelet in one size with an adjustable clasp, 
- 1" inch gold plated fish pendant.

Available in 2 options:
-14K plated Gold Fish + Blue Silk*, or
-14K plated Rose Gold Fish + Black Silk**

 *Artificial Silk     
**Real Silk

***This purchase does not include the Lucky Iron Fish cooking tool.***

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