Iron Deficiency is the world's largest nutritional challenge impacting over 2 billion people

Lucky Iron Fish is on a mission to make it a thing of the past.

We are a Canadian social enterprise dedicated to helping people all over the world consume iron more easily.

Why a Fish ?

Born out of a doctorate research from a Canadian university, the product went through many iterations before being finalized as a 'Fish'.

Why a fish? Because our journey began in Cambodia, where the symbol of Fish is considered lucky. After testing many different shapes of iron ingots, the fish shape is what was most well-received by the communities.

Thus, the Lucky Iron Fish was born.

Iron is an essential nutrient during pregnancy and early childhood. 

While iron deficiency can impact anyone...

...Did you know that women are more at risk than men?

Women in marginalized communities are at an even greater risk of developing deficiency and anemia. Lack of this essential nutrient is an additional barrier to women and families in marginalized communities. 


A note from our CEO, Gavin Armstrong

I am a firm believer that businesses have a responsibility to solve some of the world's greatest challenges. And one of the biggest challenges we face today is that of hidden hunger. Over 1/3 of the world's population go to bed malnourished.
Iron deficiency is the world's largest nutritional challenge negatively impacting over 2 billion people. Lucky Iron Fish was designed to serve as a simple solution to this complex problem. We are on a mission to make iron deficiency a thing of the past, one fish at a time. 

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