Improve your iron levels to achieve peak performance.

The Lucky Iron Fish is a cooking tool that can be easily added to your daily foods or drinks for extra iron.

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Why Do Physically Fit People Suffer From Low Iron Levels?

Given the physical intensity of their lifestyle, athletes may lose iron through sweat, gastrointestinal tract, or red blood cell destruction (which can occur due to circulatory stress from muscle activity).

Iron deficiency can create a number of problems for athletes, such as exhaustion, diminished performance, and poor recovery. Iron supports a number of important functions within the body – transporting oxygen to muscles & tissues and energy metabolism to name a few. So  athletes need to pay close attention to their iron levels as it directly impacts their performance and health.

Low iron, particularly in triathletes and runners, may also result from a phenomenon known as foot-strike hemolysis, whereby blood vessels burst in the foot due to repeated strikes against a hard surface. 

You are at further risk of developing iron deficiency if you are an athlete as well as:
- an adolescent,
- a woman, and/ or
- you follow a meatless diet. 

How Much Iron Do I Need?

The following chart outlines the Recommended Dietary Allowance (in milligrams) for iron.

Iron requirement also varies based on one's lifestyle (for example, high performing athletes, vegans, and vegetarians require a much higher amount of iron than the amounts outlined here). 


USDA and Health Canada


Lucky Iron Fish releases
6-8mg of absorbable iron per use. 

Lucky Iron Fish

Lucky Iron Fish

$40.00 USD

Safe for the whole family. Exceptions include:
Infants under 7 months.
Individuals with Hemochromatosis

But How Much Iron Is 6-8mg Really?

Eating iron-rich foods can be an effective strategy to keep your iron levels in check. However, it is often difficult to consume the recommended daily amount of iron this way.

Supplementation, such as the Lucky Iron Fish, can help support your iron stores, giving your body the nutrition it needs for peak performance.

A single use of the Lucky Iron Fish releases absorbable iron equivalent to that of a piece of steak or 8 cups of raw spinach. 

Using The Lucky Iron Fish Is As Easy as 1-2-3-4 

Lucky Iron Fish is designed to simply be dropped in boiling water or liquid based meals for 10 minutes to release a significant portion of your daily recommended iron.

Iron-infused water can also be used daily with a scoop of protein powder, or in other foods such as oatmeals, rice, or smoothies.
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$0.99 USD

$0.99 USD
Lucky Iron Fish

Lucky Iron Fish

$40.00 USD