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Why Pregnant and Nursing Women Need Iron

Why Pregnant and Nursing
Women Need Iron

Pregnant women are one of the largest groups globally affected by iron deficiency. This nutrient is vital to a healthy, safe pregnancy, and fetal development. During pregnancy, a woman’s iron demands are significantly heightened due to increased blood volume in the body and the need to deliver nutrients to the baby. Achieving and maintaining healthy iron levels throughout pregnancy also helps prepare your body for blood loss during labour and supports stable postpartum milk supply.

The effects of iron deficiency in pregnancy and lactation range from mild (irritability), to moderate (postpartum depression), to severe (higher risk of death).

During pregnancy, it is recommended that women consume 27mg of iron daily. Because breastfeeding typically halts menstruating, lactating women should aim to consume only 9mg of iron per day. Your iron needs will increase again once your cycle resumes.

There are many reasons a woman may suffer from excessively heavy blood loss during menstruation. If you suspect that your periods are abnormally heavy, it is important to speak with your doctor. If your iron levels are low, know that there are ways to replace some of the iron lost through heavy periods. The Lucky Iron Fish can be used throughout your entire cycle, keeping your iron stores high so they can better deal with times of stress, such as during your period.

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What is the Lucky Iron Fish?

The Lucky Iron Fish is a fish shaped cooking tool made of specially formulated, natural iron. When used as directed (boiled for 10 minutes in slightly acidified water), the Fish releases a safe and consistent amount of iron. The Lucky Iron Fish will not alter the taste, colour, or smell of the water or dish you are cooking, unless misused.

Clinical research shows that consistent use of the Fish over a 3-12 month period increases levels of circulating and stored iron. Our trials found that women reported feeling better within three months of use. We also saw positive changes in blood iron levels after six months of continual use.

The Lucky Iron Fish is:

A safe way to add iron to your diet, without side effects

Made from natural bioavailable iron

Reusable for up to five years

Thoroughly tested – in addition to batch testing, third party laboratories conduct random spot tests

An affordable alternative to conventional iron supplements (tablets)

How to use the Lucky Iron Fish

Using the Lucky Iron Fish is simple! The most common way to use the Fish is to make Lucky Iron Fish Water. Boiling the Fish in one litre of water with 2-3 drops of acidity (e.g., citrus juice or vinegar) for ten minutes yields iron-enriched water that can be used in a variety of recipes. Many Fish Fans opt to chill their Lucky Iron Fish Water and sip on it throughout the day.

To avoid the Fish infusing your cooking or water with an “iron-y” taste, wash the Fish with soap and water before each use. After each use, carefully remove the Fish from the pot, clean it, and dry it thoroughly. This helps prevent rusting. Should rust form, it is no cause for concern – it is easy to remove and completely harmless. Click here to watch a video on how to quickly remove rust from the Fish.

Is the Lucky Iron Fish Safe for Pregnant and Nursing Women?

Absolutely. The Lucky Iron Fish releases a gentle dose of iron and is safe for most individuals, including pregnant and nursing women. In fact, the Fish is an ideal iron supplement for pregnant women thanks to the fact that it delivers a healthy dose of iron, without the side effects such as constipation and nausea, usually associated with traditional iron supplement pills. As pregnancy already puts new stressors on your body, you can be assured that the Fish will not cause or exacerbate discomfort within your digestive system.

Research confirms that, when used as directed, the Lucky Iron Fish delivers iron without the risk of iron overload. The only way overload would occur is by intentional misuse (e.g., boiling multiple Fish in a single litre of water for more than ten minutes).

As you would with any new supplement, consult your doctor before using the Fish.

How the Lucky Iron Fish has Helped Real Moms:

"Simple to use, my wife is anemic and pregnant so I make her a liter of 'iron water' every night, boiling water with the fish so she can drink it the next day. This has helped her get her iron levels up to safer, healthier [levels], and to allow a home birth. Can't think of any negatives, it is a good simple product."

W., Fish Fan

"My husband makes a pot of water every day or two and we let it cool on the stove overnight (with the fish out of the pot). I use it for everything from lemonade to making pasta sauce/soup/etc. At my last routine iron check I was in the high-middle of normal. Pretty good! I plan to continue using the Lucky Iron Fish even when I’m not pregnant as a way to shore up any deficiencies and to help keep my daughter from developing anemia too."

Juliette, Fish Fan

Lucky Iron Fish FAQs

1. How do I know if I’m iron deficient?
2. Can I use more acidity when making Lucky Iron Fish Water?
3. Will the Lucky Iron Fish make my food or beverages taste like iron?
4. Can I give my children Lucky Iron Fish food or beverages?
5. Can’t I use cast iron cookware instead of the Lucky Iron Fish?
6. I experience digestive discomfort when using conventional iron supplements (tablets). Will this happen when I use the Lucky Iron Fish?
7. How often should I use the Lucky Iron Fish?


  • Donating Lucky Iron Fish to communities and organizations
  • Providing men and women with training opportunities to address iron deficiency in their communities. This includes diagnosis, training, shipment and impact measurement to help organizations distribute Fish to families in need and help reduce the impacts of iron deficiency

The Power Of Fish

The Power of Fish

Families that use the Lucky Iron Fish three times per week showed increases in iron levels

Alleviating iron deficiency anemia increases household income by 20%

Families who use the Lucky Iron Fish decreased prevalence of iron deficiency anemia by 46%

The Lucky Iron Fish can eliminate anemia in 80% of those using it


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