Lucky Iron Fish

How to use

Add 2-3 drops of acidity to 1 L (4 cups) of liquid

Bring to boil, then add Fish for 10 minutes

Rinse with cool water, wash and Dry thoroughly

The Lucky Iron Fish is 'Off the Hook'!

- According to Oprah's Gratitude Meter in the October 2015 issue of O Magazine

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Get Iron. Give Iron

Iron is vital for your health. Your body needs iron to function, but do you get enough?
Nearly two billion people around the world currently don’t, which is why iron deficiency and anemia are such big problems.

We are on a mission to change that.

The Lucky Iron Fish is a small iron cooking tool that infuses your meals with a healthy amount of natural iron to help prevent iron deficiency and anemia. It’s simple to use, and provides a natural source of iron that’s perfect for everyone, especially those with an increased need for iron: athletes, vegetarians, vegans and women.

Buy One Give One:

When you buy a Lucky Iron Fish, we give one to a family in need.
Since we’ve started, Lucky Iron Fish Enterprise has donated over 45,000 Lucky Iron Fish, helping over 250,000 people address iron deficiency. Increasing iron intake is in our DNA, and our core value.
With your help, and the help of our generous partners, we are on track to increase dietary iron intake and reduce iron deficiency by working towards putting a fish in every pot®.


100% Money Back Guarantee

"My order had not arrived after being ordered a few months earlier, so I emailed info@luckyironfish to check it's whereabouts. I promptly got a response asking for my details and upon giving those, the issue was quickly resolved with another Lucky Iron Fish being ordered for me. Thank you Melissa for your polite and efficient service, you have been a great help and have turned what could have been a negative experience in to a positive one. :)" - Molly