Iron deficiency disproportionately impacts those living in poverty

Making our innovation accessible to communities in need is a core value to our business.

Why We Give

Iron Deficiency can affect anyone, in any country, at any stage in their life.

However, did you know that women and children are most at risk of having negative impacts on their health, well-being, and socio-economic status from Iron Deficiency Anemia compared to other groups? 

Left untreated, iron deficiency can have devastating impacts on the livelihoods and health of women and children.

  • Children under 5 require iron for cognitive development. Lack of iron can impede their development and already puts them at a disadvantage when it comes to their future earning potential. 
  • For women, iron deficiency is an underlying factor in 40% of maternal deaths, both directly and indirectly.
  • In other cases, iron deficiency causes fatigue, fainting, headaches and hair to fall out.
  • In low & middle income countries, a woman who is iron deficient can earn up to 20% less than a woman who is not.

The Power of A Fish

Increased iron results in increase in energy levels as well as improved concentration.

This in turn allows for better performance in school as well as work, and in higher household incomes.

How We Give

A portion of each sale is donated to our Impact Fund.

  • Donate Lucky Iron Fish to communities and organizations
  • Provide men and women with training opportunities to address iron deficiency in their communities. This includes training, shipment and impact measurement to help organizations distribute Fish to families in need and help reduce the impacts of iron deficiency


At the end of each fiscal year, we publish a report summarizing our efforts and results attained via the Impact Fund.

Giving Report

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Giving Report

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Giving Report

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Our Partners

We work with incredible partners, big and small, around the globe to help distribute Fish and address iron deficiency. Our partners have the expertise to work with communities to serve their needs and to build capacity.

We are currently in 88 countries! Some of our partners include:

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